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Always in Supply

Extending the reach and power of the network

Power with control.

The AiS unit from Arlington consists of a variable speed digitally controlled pumping unit which is both portable and powerful. Connected to a water supply like the bag-in-box AEWT storage unit, AiS can be used to pressurise almost any section of isolated pipework. The system is easy to use, quick and lightweight to deploy.

A toolkit for all occasions

AiS provides the capability to smoothly deliver water under pressure to a wide range of situations from individual outlets or properties (eg care homes) through to whole housing estates, factories or villages. It can also be used to boost low pressure areas.

The ability to maintain supply directly into affected properties means that they effectively have no 'minutes lost' during an event.

Both the AiS unit and AEWT units can be connected into arrays allowing systems to be configured to manage a wide variation in both flow and volume requirements. Smart bluetooth connectivity built into the AiS units allows them to coordinate across a wide area such that multiple infusion points (nodes) can be set-up on a single area of network. In this way the AiS units will work as a single system to maintain the desired flow and pressure. This has the advantage of reducing individual node footprint, smoothing pressure gradients and adding resilience.


Developed in conjunction with Thames Water, AiS is now in regular use by several UK water companies. The system has proven it's capabilities across a very wide range of applications over many thousands of hours.

AiS in brief:

  • Powerful and quiet

  • Digitally controlled

  • Lightweight

  • Modular

  • Instant telemetry

  • Dry run and frost protected

Empty tanks can be filled from the operational network prior to a shut. Once a shut is effected the the water can be infused back into the isolated pert of the network

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