Emergency Water Tank (AEWT)

The AEWT Water Storage Tank

is a two part system consisting of a rugged, collapsible outer box with a disposable DWI approved liner bag.

Because the low cost liner bag is replaced for each deployment, the AEWT needs no regular schedule of cleaning, swabbing, testing etc. meaning zero maintenance and 100% up-time. This has the added advantage of allowing units to easily be stored in multiple satellite locations speeding response times.

Unrivalled water quality

The liner, which is new for each new deployment, comes complete with integrated ports and valves insuring the integrity of the water containment space. Because of the nature of bag-in-box, the system needs no venting so no unwanted contaminants are drawn into the water at any stage of it being filled, stored or emptied. This sealed, dark and insulated environment holds the water in a wholesome and palatable condition for the maximum possible time

De Facto Standard

Introduced to the UK water industry for over 15 years the AEWT is now used by over 90% of UK water companies. Universality and familiarity also add distinct advantages in any mutual aid situations

AEWT in brief:

  • Unrivalled water quality

  • Zero maintenance or cleaning

  • Lightweight and robust

  • Familiar in UK water industry

  • Stand alone or as AiS reservoir

  • 1000 or 250 ltr