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Sealed before use 5ltr water carriers

Water Carriers

From kerbside to kettle.

Arlington 5l Water Carriers are a laminated plastic spouted pouch manufactured under food grade BRC IOP ISO conditions from quality food grade BPA free materials specifically for the UK water industry.

Low cost alternative to bottled water

Because the water carrier packs flat and weights just 65g it can be easily stored and transported quickly to the point of distribution. Bottled water is heavy, bulky and needs to be managed in storage. The water carriers provides the means for water companies to quickly and easily distribute their own water at a significantly lower cost than with bottles.

Pre-interruption distribution

Because they are easy to handle and tamper evidenced, water carriers can easily be distributed empty in advance of a planed events as a means for customers to store their own water in advance of the closure. Distribution of water carriers has been shown to reduce customer dissatisfaction during such work.

Water Carrier in brief:

  • Close kerbside to kettle quality gap

  • lightweight compact storage

  • Low cost alternative to bottled water

  • Quality reusable

  • Tamper evident

  • Intuitive, easy to use

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