Emergency Water Tank Deployment

All major UK water providers have some Arlington Emergency Water Tanks (AEWT). The AEWT comprises a fully approved system to replace the traditional bowser style tank providing water companies to deliver temporary tanked potable water without the maintenance and quality issues associated with bowsers.

The AEWT requires 3 elements for standalone deployment:


AEWT tank in its folder state

AEWT Base Unit

10 Unit Deployment Kit

Deployment Kit Contents:

3 port auto-shutoff tap manifold
Auto-shutoff tap

Either: 10 x 3 port auto shutoff tap manifold, OR 10 x single port auto shutoff tap.

Reg 31 Liner and key in wrapper
Reg 31 Liner and key

Either: 10 x Liner bags and valve keys in wrapper, OR 10 x Liner bags and valve keys loose.

AEWT Filling assembly
Fill hose.jpg

1 x Filling assembly ( 1 x 2" bsp to camlock male, 1 x 2" camlock female to 2½" instantaneous)

(Optional) High speed filling hose - only approved for filling operations

TE lid seals
AEWT IFU v4.3-01.jpg

40 x tamper evident lid seals

10 x step by step instruction sheets

(Click image to download)