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Agricultural and equestrian drinking water supply

Livestock need water too

During a water supply interruption most attention will turn to human water requirements, however the agricultural and equestrian community will be mainly focussed on their livestock. Animals also need to consume water both to stay productive and to stay alive. The quantity depends on the species, the season and the stage of life of the animal.

A dairy cow will drink up to 120 litres a day meaning a the average UK herd of 205 animals will consume 25,000 litres per day. 

A chicken farm can also consume very large volumes of water both for the birds to drink and to control the temperature of the hen houses.

A horse or non-dairy cow will need about 40 litres per day and a pig upto 10 litres per day.

Many water dependent farms will have boreholes and holding tanks but many will not and often the bulk of water company resources are used servicing the supply requirement.

The Arlington livestock supply service is an end to end service for utility companies to service their livestock water requirements during supply events.

Once we have been connected with the customer, we can liaise regarding time scales, volume, access, loading requirements etc.

We can mobilise the appropriate transport with tanks either full or empty in the volumes required. Where required we will organise to keep these tanks supplied during the event keeping in direct contact with the customer to ensure best use of resources. Once the event is finished and the customers are returned to normal supply, we will arrange collection of the tanks. Once initiated you, as a water provider, can leave the rest to us.

This fire and forget solution we call the 'Boomerang Box' is now supplied with an active tracker. This means we will now assume responsibility for recovery of the assets and any losses will be our responsibility not yours.

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