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Some water customers need their supply more than others. AiS is able to keep taps running when the network is not



With an increasing emphasis on defining and identifying vulnerable and priority customers utilities companies also need a solution with which they can address these customers needs.  Unlike bottled water or bowsers, the AiS system from Arlington is able to quickly and easily restore a water supply to internal plumbing or areas of isolated network during a supply interruption or low pressure event. This not only maintains a supply of drinking water to the tap but enables the whole plumbing system to operate normally. For the majority of us a short term interruption to the water supply is just a nuisance, but for others with special requirements, a supply interruption can be a significant issue, in some cases even life threatening. Similarly supply interruptions can cause major disruption to schools, closed schools mean parents have to find alternative child care or stay at home themselves. There are also many small hospitals, clinics and surgeries that cannot operate without a proper water supply to whom a supply interruption can have a number of consequential effects. AiS can provide a fast and in some cases seamless solution, keeping autoclaves, dialysis machines and even just baths running.

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