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Alternative Water Logistics Support

Water is heavy!

Under normal operating conditions every individual will use somewhere between 100 and 150 ltrs of drinking water per day. That means two average sized houses with four people living in each would normally require a 1000ltrs of potable water every day. At 1 tonne per cubic meter the distribution of water outside of the network is a challenge that requires specialist equipment and infrastructure.


Cross sector collaboration and partnering

By working closely with other solutions providers within the industry we are able to provide a full range of services to water providers, businesses and events managers alike with network replacement and temporary infrastructure solutions. With many years experience we are used to working within both the Water Supply Regulations and to BS8551 guidance

Whilst we regularly work in conjunction with tanker support, our AEWT system can also be filled from the network prior to a shut or transported using flatbed LGV's. AEWTs can be transported and moved when full. In emergency situations tanker resources are often scarce where standard vehicles are not. This helps to make the Arlington system more flexible than other systems.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Highly experienced water industry operator

  • Scalable distribution model, with

  • National coverage

  • 24/365 availability

  • Fully compliant with water hygiene regulations

  • Active and passive tagging options

  • Potable water tankering, mobile water stations and Hiab vehicles.

  • Fully trained and experienced EUSR staff

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