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Equipment, services and expertise.


With more than a decade of experience within the UK water industry Arlington is a trusted partner to many water supply companies providing equipment, innovative solutions and services for both emergency and business as usual clean water operations. 
Simple, low cost solutions, helping to improve outcomes for domestic, vulnerable, business and institutional customers alike.

Call us to see how we could help your business.

Reactive resopnses
  • Vulnerable and priority users

  • Events and festivals

  • Temporary supply infrastructure

Planned Interruptions

Wholesome, potable water supply equipment  and services for:

Arlington emergency and alternative water equipment provides a flexible, scalable, low cost solution for the provision of potable water in emergency and temporary supply situations

The addition of the AiS pumped solution enables seamless direct connect and infused supplies to be provided to the normal point of use in homes, businesses or for other identified usages.

With experienced staff available to offer help and advice on the phone and in the field you can be sure to get the right, cost effective solution for any situation

Flexible, Scalable, Powerful - Rapid and low cost, water direct to the tap


The lack of a usual piped drinking water supply can occur for a number of reasons. They may be planned, as in the case of routine network maintenance. A temporary requirement, as with events, festivals or new developments etc. Reactive, where a system failure has led to an unplanned but manageable interruption of relatively minor size and duration . Emergencies, major failures involving large numbers of properties including priority and vulnerable customers for an unknown duration.

In any event Arlington AWS equipment provides  the tools necessary to respond quickly and cost effectively to demand, improving the customer experience and, in the case of utilities companies, helping to hit ODI targets.
A range of highly flexible and scaleable, gravity fed and pumped solutions to provide water undertakers and suppliers with a low cost alternative to bowsers, static tanks and other large re-usable water containment devices. As a system it offers the highest levels of water quality with the lowest levels of maintenance.

Aimed mainly at keeping taps running normally for affected customers we have solutions for :
Developer services , missed deadlines or increased demand,  Network Operations with  low  or intermittent pressure DG2 type situations, total interruption situations. Incident management, primarily focussed on priority and vulnerable customers, schools, residential care homes, dialysis users etc.
Complete agricultural and equestrian water supply service with our fire and forget 'Boomerang Box'. Also crane on to site complete temporary and permanent booster stations, 

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